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Some people across America are making a big mistake when it comes to their gambling habits. Generally, I do not like to point out flaws in others, no matter how stupid, lazy, smelly, or just plain disagreeable most people I meet generally seem to be. No sir, I am the kind of guy who knows it’s better to say nothing than to utter an unkind word, so you won’t hear me badmouthing anyone. Except the guy who lives in the double-wide next to mine… that fat, greasy jackass with tapioca pudding for brains. Did I just say that?

Anyway, back to my point. A lot of people who like to gamble make the mistake of playing keno as if it was a serious endeavor rather than a diversion intended solely for fun. You have to admit that’s a pretty dumb practice. I mean, how can anyone take this game seriously? Believe me, it happens. If you are so afflicted, please seek help soon.

For the rest of you who may not realize how much fun keno can be, let’s go over some basics. Keno goes back to Chinese immigrants who helped build the Old West railroad. Early versions of Keno used characters on the body of the ticket, rather than numbers 1 through 80. Those characters were the first 80 of a poem called “The Thousand Character Classic”, which was used to teach reading and writing to small fry.

The typical modern version of Keno is similar to the lotto. You receive a card with 80 squares numbered 1 to 80, arranged in rows of 10. You may bet on any number or numbers, up to 15 numbers and you mark them on your card. A clerk records your bets and you pay out your bets for each number. Simple, eh?

The Keno numbers also appear on 80 ping-pong balls, which are tossed about in a clear plastic sphere, or spun around in a wire bird cage. As each ball is chosen, the winning number is shown electronically, on the keno boards throughout the casino. Tickets marked with one number are straight keno tickets. You can group different numbers to create multiple ways of winning. You can bet on one number at a time (one-spot ticket), several at a time, or in various combinations. Look out some basic rules of keno game for better knowledge and playing with fun.

It’s important to figure the odds, most especially when you are holding a five-spot ticket. They run like this: if three of the numbers picked by the player are called, the house pays off at 3-1. If four out of five numbers are picked, the house pays 26-1. If all five numbers are picked, the house pays 332-1.

Always remember that minimum bets and payoffs can vary quite a bit depending on the casino. You might also find multi-race keno games, which are multiple games on one keno ticket. These can be a helluva lot of fun. You get a ticket when you make your bet, then 20 randomly drawn numbers are displayed on the keno boards. See, I told you it was dumb to take this game seriously.