Learn how to analyze the odds in Keno

Before you get started on playing the game, let’s start with analyzing the odds in Keno. On a Keno ticket, a player selects from 1 up to 20 numbers, marking them on the ticket. The amount of numbers chosen depends upon the player’s preference as well as the rules of keno game in casino or bingo hall. Numbers are chosen by placing an X through them. Twenty numbers are then randomly selected by the casino. The player is paid based upon the original bet of how many numbers picked by the casino match the (1 to 20) selected numbers on the player’s ticket. With most casino games, the house has an advantage of between 1 and 5 percent. With Keno, however, the house has the highest edge of any other betting game, which is 66 percent.

Now, let’s continue on with analyzing the odds in Keno.

The amount paid for winning at Keno depends directly on how many numbers the player picked as well as how many numbers matched those randomly chosen by the casino. The payout is based on this and is multiplied by the original bet of the player. Obviously, the more numbers that are chosen and matched, the higher the winnings will be for the player. However, keep in mind the payout is different, depending upon each individual casino. For instance, there are some casinos which permit a player to choose up to 20 numbers; however, most casinos will limit the amount of choices to 15 or even 10.

Want to know your chances for scoring 20 out of 20 numbers correctly and winning the big jackpot? Are you ready? Brace yourself. Its 1 in 3,535,316,142,212,180,000. Obviously, those odds are not good at all.

However, that is what it’s like playing the lottery, and Keno is indeed a lotto game. Now, are you ready for some more intriguing facts? If you laid all of the 3,535,142,212,818,000 Keno tickets end to end, they would span the Milky Way galaxy! Whats even more amazing is that there would only be one winner! Nevertheless, although it may be extremely difficult to win 20 out of 20, its certainly easier to win a few of those numbers. Keno is a game akin to bingo and the lottery. It can be fun!

The payout schedule for Keno provides a 70 percent return on live Keno and 80 to 90 percent for video and online Keno games. What does this mean? It translates into the casino having a 10 to 30 percent profit. So, if you are receiving a return of 70 percent, the casino reaps a profit of 30 percent.

When thinking about where to play Keno, consider analyzing the odds in Keno. Consider not the schedule payout but how much of a profit the casino reaps. Also, keep in mind that payouts on the small end will happen much often than the bigger payouts, of course. It’s a lot easier to match a few numbers than all 20. There are certain formulas that can give you the probability of hitting a certain amount of numbers right, dependent upon how many numbers you picked as well as how many numbers were drawn by the casino. You can find calculations like this in Keno books or even online.

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